Welcome! What can I help you with?

Yes, my name is Jules Webb, and I build websites. Are you looking for help with an existing website or wanting to build a new one? Are you struggling with where to begin and looking for someone to help guide you through the process? You're in the right place.

I can help you create a website that's easily navigated by users and organized intuitively so they can find what they're looking for. And, a site that's easily managed by you, giving you control of updating and adding to your content. I can help you with all this and more!

What I can help you with


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is optimizing how search engines like Google look at your website and overall online presence. My goal is for users and search engines to perceive you as an expert in your field.

Layouts & Templates

After we settle on your look and colors, I use Photoshop to create custom layouts and graphics. I then transform these graphics into HTML/CSS templates to be used for your new site.


Do you want your website to be mobile-friendly? I can incorporate a mobile design strategy from the beginning to open up your business to millions of mobile users across the country.


Got something to sell? I'll set up your e-commerce site with easy-to-use shopping cart software, secure your transactions with an SSL certificate, and give you a choice of payment gateways.

Custom Emails

Emails are a cost-effective way to direct-market your product or services. I can help you better communicate with your customers by creating custom email templates that reflect the look and feel of your website.


Got questions? Need help? You only have one person to contact. I'm there for you from planning, during development and after deployment. In addition, I offer monthly maintenance agreements and upgrade support.

You Get... ME!

With any important project, having a personal guide is a big advantage. You know your business, and I know website development. Through our collaboration, we'll come up with new ideas and options for connecting and interacting with your users.

Project Questionnaire

Where do we go from here? In order to get a better understanding of your ideas and expectations, I've created a questionnaire that will help define the scope of your project. Download it—Fill it out—Submit it, and we'll set up a time to review it together.

 Download QuestionnaireFind out what questions you should be asking yourself!

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