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Be there when locals search for your product or services

If you’re looking to increase local traffic, you need to have strong local search engine visibility. Investing in Local SEO can help boost your visibility in online search results and drive more customers to your business.

Gain exposure and make it easy for locals to find you by implementing a multipronged local SEO strategy—contact me for a free consultation today!

How Does Google Assign Local SEO Ranking?

Google determines your local business ranking based on the combination of 3 factors.

  1. Relevance – How well does your product or service match the search query?
  2. Distance – How far away is the searcher from your location?
  3. Prominence – How well known is your business? How accurate is your information? How trustworthy does Google perceive you to be?

Establishing Your Relevance and Prominence

It’s essential that your business clearly and consistently communicates the same information regarding your Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) as well as your products and services. Having a consistent NAP will give Google confidence in the accuracy of your information—which means it’s more likely your business will show up in local search results.

This applies to the information on your website and any online directory or social media presence you have—the most important of which is Google My Business.


You establish your relevance by clearly communicating who you are and what you do. Good site architecture, information flow, and quality content will help Google understand what your business is all about so it can deliver the relevant page to the corresponding search query.


A business’s prominence can be aided by getting accurate local citations (any mention of your business online) and establishing Expertise, Authority, and Trust (EAT). This can be done by:

  1. optimizing your website technical SEO
  2. optimizing your website content and information flow
  3. creating a good user experience
  4. implementing a good social media strategy
  5. getting reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, your website, and other local or niche directories
  6. getting citations and backlinks (when other websites or directories link to your website)

SEO vs Local SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of maximizing the visibility of a website or page in organic search results. 

Local SEO focuses on increasing your business’s visibility in local organic search results and Google’s Maps 3 Pack—screenshot to the right—which presents at the top of a search results page. Many of the same techniques are used in both SEO and Local SEO.

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Local SEO Services

Increase Your Online Visibility for Local Searchers

Working on local SEO will help you outrank local and national competitors. It will increase your online visibility giving your website more traffic and YOU more business. Claim a FREE consultation to find out how I can help your business show up in local search results.

Jules Webb - web designer (icon)Take advantage of my no-obligation free consultation. We’ll discuss your project goals and needs, and I’ll let you know what I can do for you.

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