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Project Included:

  • New Website
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Blog
  • Newsletter
  • Managed WordPress Hosting

Janie Worm is a musician/singer/songwriter. She’s been writing and performing music all her life. From humble beginnings singing on her backyard swing and serenading milk cows on her family’s dairy farm in Arkansas to current performances and recordings, music colors the tapestry of her life.

Janie was looking for a website to raise awareness and showcase her music. Due to a limited budget, she opted for a one-page website and then later added a blog. Her site includes a newsletter signup so she can create, grow, and communicate with her fan base.

Mobile Friendly Layouts

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Janie Worm - desktop screenshot - home splash
Janie Worm - desktop screenshot - about
Janie Worm - desktop screenshot - music albums
Janie Worm - desktop screenshot - newsletter signup
Janie Worm - desktop screenshot - image gallery
Janie Worm - desktop screenshot - contact form
Janie Worm - desktop screenshot - blog post
Janie Worm - desktop screenshot - blog

A Reflection of Janie & Her Music

I only had one page to effectively communicate who Janie is and what she has to offer in a coherent and visually stunning way. To do this, I divided the page into seven sections.

I started with a featured image of Janie Worm and her logo, which segued into her “About Me” section. I then showcased her music albums, which include the ability to play and listen to her music. Next, I displayed a signup form with a call to action for visitors to sign up for her newsletter. I followed that with an image gallery that showcases Janie’s personality and who she is. At the end of the gallery, I displayed a quote from Janie reflecting her vision and attitude. The page ends with a bigger than life background image of a guitar being played and a contact form.

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Custom Newsletter Design

I developed a newsletter design that includes multiple modules that reflect each of her blog categories for Janie to easily create custom layouts for the specific topic she is writing about.

Janie Worm

Website Security

You won’t be standing out if your site’s been compromised!

Newsletter Signup

Generate leads and develop a stronger relationship with your prospects and customers.

Experience the Music!

Website showcases Janie’s albums enabling visitors to play her music.

Janie Worm - mobile website screenshot - home page splash
Janie Worm - mobile website screenshot - about
Janie Worm - mobile website screenshot - album - set me free
Janie Worm - mobile website screenshot -  album - higher ground
Janie Worm - mobile website screenshot -  album - closer to home
Janie Worm - mobile website screenshot - newsletter signup cta
Janie Worm - mobile website screenshot - gallery
Janie Worm - mobile website screenshot - gallery
Janie Worm - mobile website screenshot - quote
Janie Worm - mobile website screenshot - blog
Janie Worm - mobile website screenshot - contact

Mobile Friendly Design

Designed to display on mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktop computers


SEO Optimized

Search Engine Optimization done right from start to finish! 


Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting for faster, better performance, and security.

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