Keyword Research

Published January 16, 2012 By

Keyword research is the act of researching and finding the actual terms people enter into search engines like Google. Your goal is to find out what search terms people are using to find services or products that you plan on offering. First, come up with 5 words or phrases you think a person would type into Google to find what you're planning to offer. Go to Google and see what comes up. Visit all or most of the sites on the first results page. Are the sites relevant to what you're offering? Is this the neighborhood you want to show up in? Now go to Google Adwords: Keyword Tool an...

Selecting a Domain Name

Published January 09, 2012 By

Website Redesign    If your project is a website redesign then ask yourself if you should be keeping the same domain name or not. The answer to this is yes more often than not, but still ask yourself the question. A 301 redirect can be set up so any traffic going to the old domain is redirected to your new site. You may take a temporary hit in your search engine rankings but in the long run it could be worth it. To make the decision to either keep your presant domain name or select a new one, keep reading. New Website    A domain name is an important part of your br...

Hello World

Published January 01, 2012 By
Hello World

OK, so "Hello World" is a bit cliché, but the geeky girl in me just couldn't help it ;) I want to say up front that I’m more comfortable writing code than text and certainly never predicted I’d willingly set up my own blog. But here I am, sitting with a blank document in front of me struggling with words and what to say... So — what do I intend to do with this blog? The short answer is to create a resource for my clients. My take Business owners are busy. As a business owner you have more than enough to do running your business, and have limited time to f...

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